Friday, 24 April 2009

Lot's of updates!

Hi there! I've been away this blog for soo long but I have managed to do better with the main site at Wordpress. I gathered a total of 10,000 views for the Mari-chan's report on Kin'iro no Corda's TV Special ~secondo passo~ and their upcoming events before the broadcast like the Seisou Gakuin Sai 2 and more of other stuff. :D

Even though the blogs was started to focus on Gakuen Alice, we somehow (along the way) just branch out into Hana to Yume's other related magazine, LaLa in which we started to release Japanese-English translations in year 2009.

I hope you guys could continue with us, reading this blog, watch out for updates on Tears to Tiara at WordPress or at the community that Mari-chan created in LJ. It's here:


Oh yeah, I changed the blog's name to hiragana, which is into this: ねこ の め - Neko no Me as well as the layout. I hope you guys will like it~

Please don't click on the download links in this blog, if you want to download our releases, please go here for the latest ones!

Tears to Tiara!!

Animax Asia is airing Tears to Tiara! Here's a little something that found to put up here. Because Wordpress doesn't allow this type of coding.


Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Chapter 67 released!

Hi guys! I’ve released Chapter 67, and it’s up on MediaFire!

Go to here to see all our releases!


Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Donate to us!

I've set up a page in Wordpress (main site) for everyone who can donate to us! The HTML keeps dissappearing! If you donate to us, you can help us buy the manga to translate or pay our bills!

Anything that you donate will go straight into our want to buy the magazine of LaLa or Hana to Yume. If you want your donation to go specifically to somewhere, like to buy the latest issue of LaLa or Hana to Yume, please don't hesitate to say so.

So here it is:


Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Volume 14...

About volume 14, it is going to be released in September 19, 2007! Tono-sempai is going to be on the cover! Yay! Since there will be no serialization for the next issue of Hana to Yume, there will be a Gakuen Alice furoku.

Starting from the next edition Sept 5, the 3 consecutive editions will come with special Gakuen Alice Furoku. The first GA furoku, with Sept 5 edition, is a standing Mikan eraser and sitting Natsume eraser.

Bye and have fun,

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Releasing Kizuna!

Amaya-san has gave me the file to release the lyrics! I'll upload the file right now! Please just click the 'Read Only' button to see the lyrics. You can use the lyrics but please link back to our blog!

Go to here to see all our releases!

Enjoy ^_^

Sunday, 12 August 2007

About the translations that Minako-chan uploaded...

Hey guys... I have some bad news to annouce. Previously, Minako-chan had uploaded the files in MediaFire since she is the one who is responsible to do it.

But now, she can't access MediaFire and I had asked Sakurinha-san from VK Scans to go check the file. Sakurinha-san said that when she clicked the 'Download' button, the download doesn't start immediately and it showed a phrase in Portugese that 'The page can't be shown'.

Apparently, the site has gone 'cookoo' as said by Minako-chan or maybe it's the connection. *laughs*

Minako-chan has already uploaded it in and she really hope that people won't edit it and call it their own since she really dig her brain out to do this. (She switched from MediaFire, SaveFile, Sendspace, Ripway and back to Wordpress!)

I really really hope that you guys won't edit it and please keep on reading the translations... (Or else she'll blow up and don't make her that way, she won't like it...)


P.S She has uploaded the files in Ripway for back-up purposes.
If you want to have the file from either of us, please add us to your MSN or Yahoo IM so we can send it to you.